"Every generation...stands upon the shoulders of those who have gone before." Owen Chamberlain







           One of the most exciting aspects of the doctoral journey has been the opportunity to network and connect with leaders and upcoming leaders in the field. The statement: "I am a doctoral candidate in Ed Tech" has been a valuable calling card and introduction as I reach out into the field to learn from others. The individuals below are among the influentials whom I have had the honor to meet and whose posts I follow on a regular basis. My goal is to continue to cultivate these and many more connections throughout my career as an Educational Technology Leader.
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Scott Anderson & Luke Bauer

This picture was taken at the UA Maker Academy Spring "Maker Faire" Scott Anderson, 2nd from the left is the Founding Partner of Control Group, a Partner in the school. To his right, Luke Bauer, the Principal and on the far left, Nick Normal, a writer for Make Magazine. Scott Anderson: "Emotional Intelligence is one of the first things I look for in a new hire."