Professional Projects

"Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning." Paulo Freire

2017-2018 Academic Year

  • Building a K-12 STEM Lab: A Step-by-Step Guide for School Leaders and Tech Coaches - publication Fall 2018

  • A Phenomenological Study of Women's Participation in Makerspace Communities of Practice - dissertation accepted May 2018

2015-2016 Academic Year

  • NJCU Makerspaces: An off-the-grid discussion board, October 2015

       Created a Google+ Community for Makerspace discussion and resources; 12 members include students from cohorts 2 & 3 

        and one faculty member

  • A CTE High School for Maker Education - Poster Session, NJEDGE Conference, November 2015

       Prepared & presented a poster describing the Urban Assembly Maker Academy, NY, NY. (See picture below)


       Prepared & conducted a 2-hour workshop for K-12 Teachers

      Thank you letter and invitation to present another workshop


       Co-taught with Dr. Rabinovich


       Prepared & conducted a 2-hour workshop for K-12 Teachers; Implemented a playlist format to model blended learning in    

       the classroom; Workshop Feedback; Note: ISTE Blended Learning Network has requested that I present a webinar in 2016


  • A. Harry Moore iBeacon Ping-able Technology Project

       Member of the working committtee; Created the AHMiBeaconProject collaborative planning site;

      Attended the A. Harry Moore Digital Day of Learning inauguration of the iBeacon Project as an honored guest;

      Prepared application for ISTE iBeacon Poster Session - Session will take place June 27, 2016

      Prepared application and drafted poster for NJEDge Showcase, March 2016 - Poster won 1st prize

      and the opportunity to present a session at the NJEDgeConference, November 2016; Prepared session application


      Consulted on conference plan; Co-created the coding workshop plan; Trained 14 EDTC volunteer presenters


  • JCPS30 Aerial Drone Competition at Liberty Science Center, May 2016

        Guest Judge

  • ELD16 Conference, Montclair State University, June 2016

       Convener, The NMC Horizon Report: Higher Education and The Negotiated Syllabus: Involving Students in Course Design


2014-2015 Academic Year


      Presenter: Top Ten Apps for Inclusive Classrooms; Assistive Technology: Torah Study B'asher Hem Sham

  • Indian Educational Technology Revision Project, February 2015



      Judge for Educational Software Awards; I was accepted as judge again for 2016, but the invitation was rescinded when SIIA       discovered that they had too many judges.


  • UA Maker MOUSE Club, January - June 2015

      Volunteer Leader/ UA Maker Student Video consultant and editor; Prepared application for ISTE Poster Session:

      Trained students in presentation skills; Accompanied a group of eight students to Philadelphia for the ISTE

      Poster Session, June 2015


  • Remix Study Group, March - June 2015

      Participated in IFTE and ISTE conference presentations under the

      direction of Dr. Shamburg


      Co-presented with Antoinette Pinder-Darling and Mary Healy; Our co-created website served as the session handout


  • Universal Design for Learning Theme Park, NJEDge Ignite Session, March 2015

      Prepared and presented a five-minute, 20-slide presentation before an audience of all conference attendees


  • Girls in Technology Symposium Consultant & Presenter, March 2015

      Consulted on conference plan; Created and presented the Internet of Things Workshop,  featuring Makey-Makey activities




Collado, E., Chou, M., & Nagler, D.K. (2015). Educational technology. at the intersection of east meets west: China’s

globalization in the digital age. Journal of Applied Learning Technology, 5, (2).


Nagler, D. (2015). Imagination and Immersion: Jewish Identity and Experiential Jewish Education in Virtual Worlds in

Bryfman, D. (Ed.). Jewish experiential education. Los Angeles, CA: Tora Aura Productions, 2015.



EDTC Department Volunteer Activities


"It is through others that we become ourselves."  Lev Vygotsky

  • NJCU ISTE Exhibit, June 2015      



  • C2 to C3 Welcome, July 2015

       Prepared week-long game for Summer Institute II;

       Composed and led Cohort 2 in a song


  • Cohort 2 Sunshine Fund, August 2015 - Present

       Co-chair, with M. Osei-Yaw


  • EDTC Department Doctoral Reception, November 2015

       Participated in recruitment program for the EDTC Department


  • I.D.E.A. Schools Maker Xpo, March 2016

       Hosted four EDTC colleagues with an interest in school-based Makerspaces and Maker Faires



Gallery of Photos



UAMaker Student Film 2015

UAMaker Student Film 2015

MMORPG in K-12 Education

MMORPG in K-12 Education

2015 NJEDge UDL gnite Session

2015 NJEDge UDL gnite Session

UA Maker ISTE 2015 Poster Session

UA Maker ISTE 2015 Poster Session

Welcoming EDTC Cohort 3

Welcoming EDTC Cohort 3

UAMaker Poster - NJEDge 2015

UAMaker Poster - NJEDge 2015

I.D.E.A. Maker Xpo with EDTC

I.D.E.A. Maker Xpo with EDTC

A.H. Moore Technology Day

A.H. Moore Technology Day

iBeacon Poster - NJEDge 2016

iBeacon Poster - NJEDge 2016

iBeacon Poster Session - NJEDge 2016

iBeacon Poster Session - NJEDge 2016

Girls In Technology 2015

Girls In Technology 2015

Girls in Technology Symposium 2016

Girls in Technology Symposium 2016

JCPS30 Aerial Drone Competition

JCPS30 Aerial Drone Competition