Five Diverse Business/Entrepreneurial Initiatives for Teaching STEM







Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education is one the most discussed educational topics of this decade. The business community comes to the discussion with concerns about the lack of trained engineers for the current and future workplace. Both State and National governments see the relative dangers in the U.S.'s low rankings in Math and Science internationally.  The result has been increased attention to the study of STEM. Companies in the United State and abroad are scrambling to develop STEM curricula and resource materials. Quite naturally, given that the "T" in STEM stands for Technology, technology has played a significant role in this development.


The NMC Technology Outlook: STEM + Education (Johnson, Adams Becker, Estrada, & Martín, 2013) named the following technologies as trends likely to be adopted within the next one to five years: "Tablet Computing, Augmented Reality, Games and Gamification,Immersive Learning Environments, and 3-D Printing" (p.1). This presentation highlights examples of products and programs brought to the Educational Technology market in support of STEM education.

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