EDTC801: The “Apprentice” Project - Cohort Branding

Project #1:  “Apprentice” Project- Cohort Branding

The purpose of this project is for your cohort to create a website that is illustrative of your cohort as a community and includes the information your cohort deems helpful. For example, would you want to include a link to the NJCU Academic Calendar? Perhaps your cohort wants to include a link to textbooks or important resources?  Maybe the list of the courses or dates for the Summer Institutes would be helpful? Would photographs from the Summer Institute week be fun? These are some ideas but the website is your cohort's project to create and develop.

The minimum requirements for the project include:


  • Published Website  

  • Name and logo for the cohort

  • Cohort song/motto

  • 14 names of the students in the cohort and links to each student’s website on the cohort website (photos optional)

  • One-page information sheets for the 7 Leadership Approaches (Project #2 to be discussed on Tuesday)

You will need to elect your colleagues to key positions to complete this project in a timely fashion. Use your skills and work together! You may want to consider electing a project manager (first), and then other key positions: a webmaster and website developers, photographers, graphic designers, a time keeper, a musical director, writers, data processers, etc. Everyone should have a role with responsibilities. In order to receive credit (20 points) for this project, you must contribute to the project.


Due: The cohort website is due and will be presented on July 17, 2014, Thursday. 

Your individual contribution logs are due by Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 11:30pm.

Complete the following table and upload it to this Assignment Drop Box.


Contribution Log


YOUR NAME: Deborah Nagler


CONTRIBUTION TEAM: Song/Motto, Editor, Song Leader


WEBSITE ADDRESS: http://njcuedtech20.wix.com/njcuedtech


DESCRIPTION OF CONTRIBUTIONS: I rewrote and edited the group song, taught the song, and led the group in singing at the final presentation. I worked on the Motto and contributed to the final decision. I worked with my teammates to edit the webpage material before and after upload.


YOUR STRENGTHS: I enjoy working with other people and developing projects. I have a positive attitude. I offer help and encouragement. I like to laugh. I write well and am pretty creative, if it is required.


YOUR WEAKNESSES: I am pretty confident about my skills, so it is easy for me to take on more than my share. I have to be careful not to over-volunteer. To balance this I try to identify the strengths of others and encourage them to take leadership roles.