EDTC801: Leadership Group Project (Northouse)

In pairs, sign up for a leadership approach and present it to the class (5 minutes maximum) on Thursday. Your presentation should include a one-page, one-sided handout with important information (see below) and should be uploaded to the class website. Use of the Northouse book is mandatory.

Important information: Include a brief history and development of the leadership theory presented in the textbook and the components of the leadership model or approach. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the model. Also identify practical uses of the leadership theory in context.

If you use powerpoint, the slides can have no text (only titles). I would rather see you use technology more creatively. Consider using other technologies or innovative approaches to teaching your theory.

Due Thursday, July 17, 2014


These pages can be accessed here:  Leadership Case Studies


  • Trait Approach                                 

  • Skills Approach                             

  • Style Approach                          

  • Situational Approach                       

  • Transformational Leadership            

  • Servant Leadership                           

  • Authentic Leadership                       

  • Team Leadership